Football is stating up again in German Bundesliga

Football is starting up again in German Bundesliga.

Football is stating up again in German Bundesliga
Football is stating up again in German Bundesliga

Today we will try to predict this weekend’s game in Germany and the Faroe Islands. Bundesliga is finishing off last games off the last season. Remember these predictions are a bit doubtful since there has been a long stoppage in games. However, we will try to give you some possibilities here.

Germany – Bundesliga 1


Augsburg – Wolfsburg. It should be a good chance for Wolfsburg to win this one. Away win.

Dusseldorf – Paderborn. This should be a good chance for Dusseldorf to get a good start. Home win.

Hoffenheim – Hertha Berlin. This is a tough one. I think the home pitch will be a great favor of Hoffenheim. Home win.

Dortmund – Schalke 04. Local derby in Germany, I think Dortmund will take this one. Home win.

Leipzig – Freiburg. My guts say that Leipzig will win this one. Home win.

Frankfurt – Mønchengladbach. Open game, however, I think Mønchengladbach will win this one. Away win.

Køln – Mainz. Køln will win this one. Home win.

Union – Bayern Munich. Clear and good away win for Bayern here. Away win.

Bremen – Leverkusen. Close game, but, my brain says Leverkusen. Away win.

A few games from The Faroe Islands also:

B32 Torshavn – AB Agir. Easy win for B32 Torshavn. Home win.

Fuglafjørdur – HB Torshavn. My feelings go toward HB Torshavn in this game. Away win.

Straymur – NSI Runavik. It should be an easy win for NSI Runavik. Away win.

For betting purposes:


B32 Torshavn – AB Agir. Fairy safe home win.

Union – Bayern Munich. Away win.

Dortmund – Schalke 04. Home win.

Warning: Do NOT play with money you can not afford to lose. Do NOT borrow money for betting purposes.

Take care and stay safe, and we will meet again next week for more games from Bundesliga.

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Weekend 42 predictions

Weekend 42 Predictions.

weekend 42 predictions
weekend 42 predictions







Here are the weekend 42 predictions.


England: weekend 42 predictions:

Huddersfield – Liverpool. Should be an easy game for Liverpool but huddersfield can surprise from time to time. Liverpool for the win.

Manchester City – Burnley. Start with a handicap of 0 – 2 and look what you can get in odds. City will win this one.

Chelsea – Manchester United. History and all other things point to Chelsea. Can United surprise?


Juventus – Genoa. There is no doubt about it, Juventus will win this game. Both history and form gives them this win. Handicap can easily be used on this game. 0 – 2 Handicap?

Fiorentina – Cagliari. Fiorentina has better form than Cagliari but history against them. The winner should be Fiorentina.

Parma – Lazio. Lazio is a great team and is far better than their current ranking. Lazio for me this weekend.

Internationale – AZ Milan. A very close derby in Milan this coming wekend. I think a draw is the best bet for this game.


Heerenveen – Ajax. Ajax should win this game due to both history and form.

Feyenoord – zwolle. This should be an easy one for Feyenoord. Both form and history on their side.


Barcelona – Sevilla. #1 and #2 in Spain meets for a great game. Both history and form gives this one to Barca.

Real Madrid – Levante. Handicap match. 0 – 2 will get you some good odds.


Montpellier – Bordeaux. A close game in France this weekend. Could go either way however history says Bordeaux.

Lyon – Nimes Olympque. Lyon should win this tie in France on friday evening.

Metz – Niort. Great game and easy win for Metz.


Wolfsburg – Bayern Munich. Both form and history says that Bayern will win this matchup.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Fortuna Dusseldorf. The team from Frankfurt will win this game easily.


Club Brugge – Waasland. Good match to bet on with handicap bets. 0 – 2 should give great odds.

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