A new season starts – 2018

A new season starts – 2018.

We will try to predict the winners in each league we cover. The teams are rested and eger to start off the new season. Many players have had a short vacation this year because of the world championships. Some players have changed teams. Many things to remember.

A new season starts - 2018
A new season starts – 2018


In England there will be a strugle between the two Manchester clubs. Will City have the advantage over United or have the wind changed. Manchester United have been busy on the transfer marked and i hope and think they will regain their title this year. However there must be some changes made in defense to accomplish this.

My predictions in England:

  1. Manchester United
  2. Manchester City
  3. Chealsea
  4. Tottenham
  5. Arsenal
  6. Liverpool


As usual my prediction will go to Bayern Munic. They are by far the best team in Germany and the others are playing for second place. They have the best players and the best coach.

My prediction in Germany:

  1. Bayern Munic
  2. Dortmund
  3. Leverkusen
  4. Wolfsburg


In spain there are two big favorites. Barcelona and Real Madrid. There are some other great teams that can surprise from time to time. Both top teams have signed and lost big names this transfer period. But they should be more than strong enough to take first and second place.

My predictions in Spain:

  1. Barcelona
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Athletico Madrid


In Italy there could be changes this year. Inter Milan, Milan, Juventus and Roma are the top contenders for this seasons thropy. Inter Milan and Juventus seams as the best contenders.

My predictions in Italy:

  1. Inter Milan
  2. Juventus
  3. Milan
  4. Roma
  5. Lazio


Here is a lot of good teams however the best are PSV, Feyenord and Twente. These should be on the top three places. they usually are on top of the tables at the end of each season. No changes this year.

My predictions in Nederlands:

  1. PSV
  2. Feyenord
  3. Twente


In France there are some contenders to Paris Saint Germanes. But i think they will continue to win.

My predictions in France:

  1. PSG
  2. Monaco
  3. Nice



There are many other leagues out there but we look most at the big leagues and their teams. There could be updates to this list later on, so stay tuned.

We will also be back with Champions League and Europa League. Hope you enjoy our predictions. Many of the same teams as before but that is the way of football. The richest will be richer and get the best players and the difference between the best and the second best will get bigger. Money is the winner all the time. Some times there will of course be a surprise like Leichester a few years ago. But there will be longer in between these surprises.

Thanks for looking at our predictions and hope you stay tuned for gameday predictions when we start with those.

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XPBET Game day 3 in England and more

XPBET Game day 3 in England and more

Game day 3 in England has a few great matches set up. I will be predicting some of them and others i will stay clear of since it is so early in the season. This week I have also included some games in Germany and Spain. Very early in the season there also however, some great prospects are very likely to go in.

game day 3 in England
game day 3 in England

Games under prediction this weekend:

Huddersfield – Southampton  – – Huddersfield to win.

Manchester United – Leicester – –  Manchester united to win.

Chelsea – Everton  – – Chelsea for the win.

Tottenham – Burnley  – – Tottenham to win.

Alaves – Barcelona  – – Barcelona tfor the win.

Real Madrid – Valencia  – – Real Madrid to win.

Werder Bremen – Bayern Munchen  – – Bayern Munchen to win.

Dortmund – Hertha Berlin – – Dortmund to win.


This week I will be betting with 2 safe games in the usual set up.





















Manchester United















Real Madrid






Bayern Munchen






I set up my system this way. You can always set up your system different. Choose your own safe games and where you will place your other matches. We have all seen what can happen in these games the last few weeks so it is in order to place this warning again: DO NOT play with money you cannot afford to lose. DO NOT borrow money for gambling purposes.

Later this week or early next week, I will continue to offer more systems for your betting purposes. I have constructed quite a few of those and will be entering some here. Normally they are on sale here in Norway.

Have a nice weekend and may the sporting Gods be with you.

Remember to watch out for our new betting systems later this week or early next week.



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