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Community Shield 2016

Community Shield 2016

Community Shield 2016

Community Shield 2016

Community shield is the grand opening of the English League season. This year it will be played between Leicester (League winners) and Manchester United (Cup Winners) 2015-16.

These matches are a great opening of the coming season and both teams want to win a trophy as soon as possible.

Manchester United have signed many great new players this season and i think they will win this trophy.

Betting odds are at the moment 1.85 = 85% interest for invested money.

I would take a bet like that any day.

This is because Manchester United is a far better team than Leicester. Leicester won last year but i do not think they can defend their title this season.

My bet this sunday august 7. 2016. Manchester United £1000

Good luck.


Result: Great win by Manchester United by 2 – 1

Todays win £1850 by investing £1000

European Football Leagues 2016-17

European Football Leagues 2016-17 predictions.

European Football Leagues 2016-17

European Football Leagues 2016-17

European Football Leagues 2016-17

I will try to predict the outcome of these European Leagues for the season 2016-17. Some Leagues are easier than others to predict and some are very hard to predict. I think there will be many favorites this season. Last season there where some surprises as in England with Leicester as winner. This will not be repeated this season.

I will begin in Scotland:

Rangers are back in the top League after some time in the lower divisions. I think they need some time to get back on winning tracks. Celtic will be a safe bet to win the Scottish League this season.

In England:

There will be a match between the 2 Manchester Teams this season. I think Manchester United are the better team after the new signed players and manager. Mourinho(The Great One) will take United back to the top both in England and in Europe. Manchester City will be a good number 2. Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham and Liverpool will be the challengers to the number 2 spot.

In Germany:

Bayern Munich will be the top contender this season as in the past. They have a great squad and are far better than the rest. The opponents will be Dortmund, Wolfsburg, Leverkusen. However, they will only be playing for the number 2 spot.

The Dutch League:

Here we have a more uncertain League to predict. Ajax, PSV Eindhoven and Twente seems like the best contenders for the title. Hard to say which team will win but one of these 3 I will think will take it.


Paris Saint Germains is by far the best team here. They have lost some great players like Zlatan to Manchester United but have a more than good enough squad to win this League. Many contenders for the runners up spot.


There are many great teams in this League but it seems like a 2 team matchup. Barcelona and Real Madrid. Which team will take it. Impossible to tell at this point. I think it is Barcelona’s year this season. Why, because the team to beat is Real Madrid.


Very many great teams here in Italy. I have a few favorites lined up. Juventus, Milan, Inter, Roma and Lazio. Which team will win? I really do not know. This League is so competitive so it is very hard to say. However, I think the winner is among the mentioned teams.

This is my personal ranking of the best Leagues in Europe. Where will the chock come this year? There is almost always some chocks in these Leagues. I know I have very many favorites in my rankings but they are the best teams out there so that is why.

If you are a gambler, I would suggest that you put your money on some combination of winner to get the best odds. Otherwise, the odds will be too low to bet.

My suggestion:

Manchester United x Bayern Munich x Paris Saint Germains X Celtic.

This foursome could give some good money back with the right bookmaker.

I hope this was good information for you.


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Premier League 2016/17

Will Leicester defend their championship or will there be a new champion this year?

Premier League.

Premier League 2016-17

Premier League 2016-17

I think there will be a new champion this year. Many of the top clubs in England have signed up some of the top players in the world. However, top players do not always mean good results. The players have to be good together. Leicester has a great advantage there since they played together last season.

I think there will be some great teams to challenge for the title this season. Manchester has 2 teams that are eager to win the league, Liverpool has a great team this year, and London has 2 maybe 3 teams in the competition to win the league.

  • Manchester United are looking good this season, with a new manager (the great one) Mourino. They have also signed up some new talent Like Zlatan. They should be in the top 3 this season. They also have a great team for the future and for Europe. I think they might go all the way in this year’s season. Everyone hates United and want to beat them. But can they do it? NO. United will rule Premier League this season. Champ United.
  • Manchester City are also looking good. They have been top 5 the last few years and will be in the top 5 this season also. Some new players have been signed during this window and more may come. They have a good squad for Europe and could go far in the Champions League.
  • Liverpool looks like a contender for the top 6 positions. They have signed up some new talent. However, are they good enough to win the championship? Maybe on a good day. But great contenders for the top spots.
  • Chelsea are coming to be a great contender this season as well. Chelsea has been a top contender for some time now and might be a winner again very soon. Certainly a top 5 contender. They can go all the way to the top but I think maybe it is too many London derbies. In addition, those derbies’ is hard to win. All teams in London want to be the best in town.
  • Arsenal is also a great team but is they good enough to win? NO. They are a top 6 contender. However, they will not win the title this year. They will be a top contender but as for Chelsea, there are too many London derbies.
  • West Ham has a great team. However, are they going to win the championship? Not this year. Nevertheless, they are a great and hard team to beat. I think they need some more years to win the league. However, they have a great team.
  • Tottenham is also a good contender for the top spots. Nevertheless, not for the title. They have signed some great talent this year and will be in the top again this season.
  • Leicester won last year. Nevertheless, this year they will have everyone attack their title. Do Leicester have a chance to defend their title? No way. They have a good team and a great manager but they have lost some players and signed some new ones. They had a great season last year. This season they will only be a contender for the top 8 places.

This is my opinion on the English Premier League  2016/17. I must admit that I am a strong Manchester United supporter but I think that with Mourino as a manager everything will work out for the Red Devils.

Below is my forecast of the standings at the Leagues end in May 2017:

  1. Manchester United
  2. Manchester City
  3. Chelsea
  4. Arsenal
  5. Liverpool
  6. West Ham
  7. Tottenham
  8. Leicester


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Winning predictions

Winning predictions on all matches so far in the tournament!

7 of 7 games won so far. I have won 20.000+ on these bets alone.

More is to come as we carry on with our predictions.

Are you staying with us or sitting on the fence?

If you are sitting on the fence you are loosing money.

Even though the betting business is build for the business to win most of the time.

But if you use some tactics that are well founded you can win over the business.

This is what i have done for so long now, and that is why i am charing my bets with you.

At the moment we predict the Euro 2016 matches, but soon we will also start predicting the European leagues as well.

Stay tuned for more info about that. Or sign up for our newsletter.

I will also start a category that shows my bets as well.

At the moment i just predict the matches and do not put them into bet systems.

This you can do yourself in many ways.

Duos, tripples, quads,or whatever you like.

I will show you this in a later issue of this predictions adventure.

I have many systems to choose from and something will work for everyone and every wallet.

I hope you see the adventages of systems for betting on football..

A great system can win you much money and save you money in betting expences.


Winning predictions

Winning predictions





Thanks for looking at our Euro 2016 prediction news.

Erlend Sølvberg

XPBET the best Euro 2016 predictions.

Euro 2016

Euro 2016

Euro 2016

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 is starting today june 10. Today is the opener between France and Romania. France should be the winner of this game, but Romania has a very good goalkeeper and the match can easily end with a 0 – 0 draw.

I think that the groups are open and there will be some surprises in this competition. Where the surprises will be i am not sure yet but they allways comes in this kind of competitions.

In group A, France is the best prediction as a group winner. I think maybe Romania will be second and then Swiss.

In Group B, England and Russia will compete about winning the group. My bet go on England. Russia number 2.

Group C, Very good group with 4 potential winners. Germany, Ukraine, Polen and Northers Ireland. My prediction go to Germany, with Ukraine in second place and Northern Ireland third.

Group D, Another thight group. Spain, Tjekkia, Turkey and Croatia. My bets go to Spain in front of Croatia and Turkey.

Group E, Thight group as well. Belgium, Italy, Ireland and Sweden. My bets go to Italy, Belgium and sweden.

Group F, Here my prediction is that Portugal wins the group in front of Hungary and Osterreich.

We can all agree that this will be a great competition and a great summer. We all love football and can enjoy the good times in front of the television if we are not in the stadiums. I will be around with my predictions from time to time during the tounament. If you choose to follow my predictions please be responsible and do not bet with borrowed money or money you can not afford to loose.

I am going to bet on France today but with the very good goalkeeper of Romania it would be great to win this bet. But Romania could easily go for a 0 – 0 draw and ruin my bet. But i hope for the home team this time.

My bet for the championship is for now: Germany – Italy – France – England

What team will win? i really don’t know at the moment. If you know, please give us your comment about which team you think will win this tournament. All comments will be safe with us. I might even change my mind about my own predictions. Go for it and win your bets more often with betting predictions.

Take care and have a nice summer with Euro 2016.


Erlend Sølvberg

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