World Championships 2018 – Day 2

world chapionships day 2

World Championships day 2

Ok day two of the world championships we are back again. We predicted correct yesterday and Russia won by 5 – 0 over Saudi-Arabia. Today is a new day with three matches to predict. There are some great football to be whatched on tv these days.

Todays matches in the world championships:

Egypt – Uruguay    Marocco – Iran     Portugal – Spain

One great game in Portugal and Spain and two waiting games. Egypt hope for Salah to be back in business again. Marocco has some great players and can benefit from those. Portugal and Spain would have been a great final in these world championships.

Predictions day to in the world championships:

world championships day 2
world championships day 2

Egypt – Uruguay  we are sure that Uruguay will win this game. There is a small chance for a draw.

Marocco – Iran   We think that Marocco will win this game for many reasons. Better and stronger players. They have also played some great games in the African Championships.

Portugal – Spain   Where to start? Portugal has a some great players in Ronaldo, Silva and pepe. Spain has a full team of great players. I would have liked to whatches these teams in the final in July. In this match we think that Spain will win. It is a good chance for a draw also.

Todays Betting predictions in the world championships:

Single bet: Marocco to beat Iran

Double bet: Marocco to beat Iran and Uruguay to beat Egypt.

Trpple bet: Marooco to win, Uruguay to win and Spain to win.

As allways when it comes to betting: Do not play with money you can not afford to lose and do not borrow money for gambling purposes.

Good luck and see you again tomorrow. We will be back and predict these games later today or tomorrow morning.

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