Very Important Information!

XPBET Very Important Information!

·         Do not play with money you cannot afford to lose!

·         Do not borrow or lend money for betting or gambling purposes!

·         If you are uncertain if you want to gamble, do not!

·         Bet safe within your own limits!

·         It is your choice!


In addition, as always: If you click on any links on this website we can get a small affiliate reward for that click. We are not a bookmaker firm we are here solely to inform you about great games and odds.

If you join our betting pool, you will be updated weekly about our betting pools Werth. This will change from week to week. There are certain fees involved with the betting pool, more on that on the betting pools site.

In some countries there are illegal to gamble on sports, be aware of that! You have to look this up yourself. If it illegal to gamble in your country please do not gamble!

Please follow these simple guidelines and you cannot fail. Also follow the bookmakers rules and terms for betting. The bonuses must sometimes be wagered some times before withdrawal. Everything is listed in their terms.


Erlend Sølvberg
Erlend Sølvberg