World Championships 2018 day 3

World Championships 2018 day 3

Not a very good day for us in our predictions in the world championships yesterday, only Uruguay won as predicted. Iran won on an accidental own goal by Morocco. The big game yesterday ended in a draw. And what a game it was. Ronaldo with 3 goals (hatrick) and Diego Costa with 2 goals. But that was yesterday, now over to todays fixtures.

World championships day 3:

world championships
world championships

Match 1 this saturday is: France – Australia  This should be an easy win for France.

Match 2: Argentina – Iceland  Argentina should win confortly this game.

Match 3: Peru – Denmark  this can be a though one to predict. We all belive that Denmark will win however; we also belive this could end in a draw. No bet on this fixture.

Match 4: Croatia – Nigeria  Open game but Croatia will win this fixture. Watch out for a draw. possibllity.

The predictions:

We suggest that there will be an easy win for both France and Argentina today. The two other games are more open with a small favorite, Denmark and Croatia. I suggest a bet on France and Argentina to win their matches and to stay away from the other two.


Do not bet with money you can not afford to lose and do not borrow money for betting purposes.

Conclution this far in the world championships:

Two out of four games predicted right. Two great games and two not that good games. Cristiano Ronaldo is on course to be the top scorer this world championships. i really hope to see one of these teams in the final in this years world championships.

Good luck and hope you get to watch the games on tv during this one month of world class football. Have a great weekend. See you again tomorrow with new predictions.

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World Championships 2018 – Day 2

World Championships day 2

Ok day two of the world championships we are back again. We predicted correct yesterday and Russia won by 5 – 0 over Saudi-Arabia. Today is a new day with three matches to predict. There are some great football to be whatched on tv these days.

Todays matches in the world championships:

Egypt – Uruguay    Marocco – Iran     Portugal – Spain

One great game in Portugal and Spain and two waiting games. Egypt hope for Salah to be back in business again. Marocco has some great players and can benefit from those. Portugal and Spain would have been a great final in these world championships.

Predictions day to in the world championships:

world championships day 2
world championships day 2

Egypt – Uruguay  we are sure that Uruguay will win this game. There is a small chance for a draw.

Marocco – Iran   We think that Marocco will win this game for many reasons. Better and stronger players. They have also played some great games in the African Championships.

Portugal – Spain   Where to start? Portugal has a some great players in Ronaldo, Silva and pepe. Spain has a full team of great players. I would have liked to whatches these teams in the final in July. In this match we think that Spain will win. It is a good chance for a draw also.

Todays Betting predictions in the world championships:

Single bet: Marocco to beat Iran

Double bet: Marocco to beat Iran and Uruguay to beat Egypt.

Trpple bet: Marooco to win, Uruguay to win and Spain to win.

As allways when it comes to betting: Do not play with money you can not afford to lose and do not borrow money for gambling purposes.

Good luck and see you again tomorrow. We will be back and predict these games later today or tomorrow morning.

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World Championships 2018

Friday june 14 is the start date of the world championship in 2018 in Russia.

World Championships 2018

World Championships
World Championships

The opening match goes between Russia and Saudi-Arabia. The opening matches is usually very close games and often ends in a draw. This could be very thru also this time. Russia has the pressure from the crowd and will be trying very hard to win. I think they can do it.

Russia – Saudi-Arabia  Russia to win.

But as allways: do not bet with money you can not afford to loose and do not borrow money for gambling purposes.

Betting on a winner in the opening match of a world championships is a difficult task. Many times these matches ends in a 0 – 0 or 1 – 1 draw. No team want to loose their first game. The host of the championships are also playing in the opening matches every time.

They have to convince the home crowd that they can depend on the players to do their very best. The underdogs has good benefit from this as they do not have that much depending on them.Some underdogs will as allways do some very convincing group games and might go thru to the cup ties. But witch underdog will it be this year? Maybe Egypt or Iceland? This is Icelands first time in the championships. They have a very good coach and some great players from many high ranking leagues.

But the first game i think will end in success for Russia.

Have a nice day and may the ball be with you.

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Who will win the World Championships in 2018?

Poll is Inactive


This is an unformal poll where you can enter your favorit to win this years world championships in Russia. We have entered the 4 big favorites and other teams. You can only choose one entry. This is just for fun and to see what you think. No tracking or anything. You are anonym.

In the future we will have many polls to see what people like and how to get it out to you. We have many friends out there looking at our predictions and betting our systems every day. We will try our best to give you very updated predictions.

World Championships
World Championships

The World Championships is the biggest event in any sports on earth. 32 countries are trying to win this prestigious thrope. Some of the best teams from all over the world are competing for ths thrope. We will have daily predictions and will have updated news each day.

Every four year the best teams in the world gather to play for the world championships. Players from all over the world will play they shirts off for potential new club signings and better pay. Underdogs will win over the top teams and change their status.

Gambler will win and fail. The results are not in before the final whistle from the referee. Which team will win this year? Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina or maybe France or Russia? My bets go on Germany and Brazil. What do you think, take the poll on top of this post.

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World ChampionShips are coming up

World ChampionShips are coming up

World ChampionShips are coming up
World ChampionShips are coming up

Hello again, the World ChampionShips are coming up now in June. We will of course be here with updates and predictions. We love football (soccer) and make a living out of betting on football (soccer). You can follow our advices or just look at our results.

We will give you daily single plays and also daily doubles. We might even try out our new system play. I will post some screenshots of the system i will be playing during the championships. Everything will be very transperent. Nothing to hide.

There will be many great games and some surpices as usual in the world championships. Many players want to show off for potential new teams and might overpreform.

There are some great favorites to win this years world championships. We have Germany, Brasil, Spain, and maybe France. Time will show who wins it all. May the best team win. Keep looking for updates during the championships.

Who do you think will win this years world championships in Russia? 24 teams and dreams. Many supporters from each country. This will be fun and enjoying to whatch. Maybe an underdog can win the chapmionships.


 World Champions 2018