Which Team Will Win The Premier League 2019-2020?

Which team do you belive will win the premier league 2019-2020?

Premier League 2019-2020
Premier League 2019-2020

My guess is that Manchester City takes the Premier League 2019-2020 gold home again this year, closely followed by Liverpool. It is a bit early for Manchester United to win this season however; Ole Gunnar Solkjaer is doing some important buying during the open transfer window. But he needs some time to get things going.


Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal is strong contenders from London. They all want to win this thropyso bad it hurts. One of these teams can win the Premier League this season but they have so many competitors in London that want to take their scalps.


All these teams have experienced managers without Manchester United. OGS is fairly new to this position in England but he learns and he learns fast. He will need some time to get his fingers into everything on Old Trafford. Next season will be a big United year.

My predictions for Premier League:

Manchester City




Manchester United


City is the bookies favorite. May the best team win.

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Which Team Will Win The Premier League 2019/2020?

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