Predictions for Gameday 2 in England

Predictions for Gameday 2 in England

Predictions for Gameday 2 in England

Gameday 2 in England
Gameday 2 in England

As expected there was a few surprises the first gameday in England. Chelsea was still on vacation and the same was Liverpool. But i think they both got an awakening last week. This week can be similar or may they have awoken from their vacation sleep.

However, we will try our best again this week. We have found a few good bets for you. Still using the same system as last time.

Prediction for Gameday 2 in England:

Swansea – Manchester United –United to win

Liverpool – Crystal Palace — Liverpool to win

Stoke – Arsenal — Arsenal for the win

Huddersfield – Newcastle — Huddersfield to win

Tottenham – Chelsea — Tottenham for the win

Manchester City – Everton — City to win

Leicester – Brighton — Leicestyer to win

Some might say that Huddersfield is a gamle and i totally agree. However, they played fantastic last week and won away and this time they are at home. Newcastle had a good start of the game last week however, Tottenham was the strongest team thru the match. Tottenham won last week away and Chelsea lost at home. Chelsea was not ready to start the season yet and lost their captain for a red card. At the moment we think that Tottenham is a better team than Chelsea.

The system i will use for this week is S-1-6-6

Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe
A B        
A   C      
  B C      
      D E  
      D   F
        E F

Safe game: Manchester United

A: Liverpool

B: Arsenal

C: Huddersfield

D: Tottenham

E: Manchester City

F: Leicester

This is what i will deliver to my bookie this weekend. I hope my 2 outsiders win so the winnings will be great.

At last my usual warning: DO NOT gamble with money you can not afford to lose! DO NOT borrow money for gambling purposes.

Stay safe and have a nice wekkend everyone.