System S-1-6-6 explained

System S-1-6-6 explained

Here we will explain how the System S-1-6-6 we use alot in our betting ventures works.

System S-1-6-6 explained
System S-1-6-6 explained

If you play all doubles of 6 matches you will end up with 15 rows or plays. This system downsices this to 6 rows or plays. Meaning you save 9 rows when you deliver this system. Of course if all 6 games is corrcetly played you will end up losing 9 plays however you win if one or two games are wrongly predicted.

So insted of betting 15 lines i will usually bet nine lines and put in a safe game for better money. This way i don’t lose if i win. With triples of 7 you had to have 35 lines to play.

The system is played like this:

You need a safe game called: Safe

Next you need 6 matches you belive in: A, B, C, D, E, F

Then you put the games corresponding to the letters in the boxes and find out witch 6 lines to play. It sounds easy and it also is easy.

Here is how the system looks in neutral setup:


Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe
A B        
A   C      
  B C      
      D E  
      D   F
        E F

As you can see the three first games are played with each other and the same with the last three. This way you will win with only 3 correctly predicted.  2 in 5 with 2 correctly predicted.

This system is so easy to use and very cheap also. You can scale up to your own security limit with your bets. Normally the bookies start with a few cents per bet however, i recommend about $1 ->.

However we will repeat ourself: DO NOT bet with money you can not afford to lose! DO NOT borrow money for gambling purposes!

Stay safe and have a great weekend with many great games and the possibillity to earn some money.