Weekend 42 predictions

Weekend 42 Predictions.

weekend 42 predictions
weekend 42 predictions







Here are the weekend 42 predictions.


England: weekend 42 predictions:

Huddersfield – Liverpool. Should be an easy game for Liverpool but huddersfield can surprise from time to time. Liverpool for the win.

Manchester City – Burnley. Start with a handicap of 0 – 2 and look what you can get in odds. City will win this one.

Chelsea – Manchester United. History and all other things point to Chelsea. Can United surprise?


Juventus – Genoa. There is no doubt about it, Juventus will win this game. Both history and form gives them this win. Handicap can easily be used on this game. 0 – 2 Handicap?

Fiorentina – Cagliari. Fiorentina has better form than Cagliari but history against them. The winner should be Fiorentina.

Parma – Lazio. Lazio is a great team and is far better than their current ranking. Lazio for me this weekend.

Internationale – AZ Milan. A very close derby in Milan this coming wekend. I think a draw is the best bet for this game.


Heerenveen – Ajax. Ajax should win this game due to both history and form.

Feyenoord – zwolle. This should be an easy one for Feyenoord. Both form and history on their side.


Barcelona – Sevilla. #1 and #2 in Spain meets for a great game. Both history and form gives this one to Barca.

Real Madrid – Levante. Handicap match. 0 – 2 will get you some good odds.


Montpellier – Bordeaux. A close game in France this weekend. Could go either way however history says Bordeaux.

Lyon – Nimes Olympque. Lyon should win this tie in France on friday evening.

Metz – Niort. Great game and easy win for Metz.


Wolfsburg – Bayern Munich. Both form and history says that Bayern will win this matchup.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Fortuna Dusseldorf. The team from Frankfurt will win this game easily.


Club Brugge – Waasland. Good match to bet on with handicap bets. 0 – 2 should give great odds.

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Gameday predictions week 34

Hello and welcome to gameday predictions week 34.

Gameday Predictions week 34
Gameday Predictions week 34

This weekend we have found some great matches to bet on Gameday Predictions week 34. There are many favorites this gameday and we hope to get some great payback. The best way to bet is to use a system. That way you can minimize the risk of loosing all your money. Of course you can miss the big payout also. Do it your way and see what works for you.


England Gameday 3:

We can start with the biggest favorite right away.

Manchester City vs Huddersfield  Manchester City should win this by several goals.

Liverpool vs Brigthon Liverpool should win this one. Brighton beat Manchester United last week but away is a different thing.

Arsenal vs West Ham this is an open battle. Both teams are without points so far this season. Arsenal or draw is best bets here.

Fulham vs Burnley Fulham have my vote here.

Newcastle vs Chelsea Chelsea have a great opportunity here.


In the championship Gameday Predictions week 34:

Aston Villa vs Reading should be a great one for Aston Villa.

Stoke vs Hull Stoke with a good chance here.


Benfica vs Sporting Great chance for Benfica.


Brugge vs Anderlecht a good chance for a draw here.


More leagues will come soon. It is better to predict after a few games.


This weeks system:











Man. C.


















































Aston Villa





















If you want to make it a single just bet on the seven matches for best payback.


This was all for this time. See you next week for an update and results.



Do NOT bet with money you can not afford to lose. Do NOT borrow money for betting purposes.

Have a nice weekend.

Erlend @xpbet.com



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A new season starts – 2018

A new season starts – 2018.

We will try to predict the winners in each league we cover. The teams are rested and eger to start off the new season. Many players have had a short vacation this year because of the world championships. Some players have changed teams. Many things to remember.

A new season starts - 2018
A new season starts – 2018


In England there will be a strugle between the two Manchester clubs. Will City have the advantage over United or have the wind changed. Manchester United have been busy on the transfer marked and i hope and think they will regain their title this year. However there must be some changes made in defense to accomplish this.

My predictions in England:

  1. Manchester United
  2. Manchester City
  3. Chealsea
  4. Tottenham
  5. Arsenal
  6. Liverpool


As usual my prediction will go to Bayern Munic. They are by far the best team in Germany and the others are playing for second place. They have the best players and the best coach.

My prediction in Germany:

  1. Bayern Munic
  2. Dortmund
  3. Leverkusen
  4. Wolfsburg


In spain there are two big favorites. Barcelona and Real Madrid. There are some other great teams that can surprise from time to time. Both top teams have signed and lost big names this transfer period. But they should be more than strong enough to take first and second place.

My predictions in Spain:

  1. Barcelona
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Athletico Madrid


In Italy there could be changes this year. Inter Milan, Milan, Juventus and Roma are the top contenders for this seasons thropy. Inter Milan and Juventus seams as the best contenders.

My predictions in Italy:

  1. Inter Milan
  2. Juventus
  3. Milan
  4. Roma
  5. Lazio


Here is a lot of good teams however the best are PSV, Feyenord and Twente. These should be on the top three places. they usually are on top of the tables at the end of each season. No changes this year.

My predictions in Nederlands:

  1. PSV
  2. Feyenord
  3. Twente


In France there are some contenders to Paris Saint Germanes. But i think they will continue to win.

My predictions in France:

  1. PSG
  2. Monaco
  3. Nice



There are many other leagues out there but we look most at the big leagues and their teams. There could be updates to this list later on, so stay tuned.

We will also be back with Champions League and Europa League. Hope you enjoy our predictions. Many of the same teams as before but that is the way of football. The richest will be richer and get the best players and the difference between the best and the second best will get bigger. Money is the winner all the time. Some times there will of course be a surprise like Leichester a few years ago. But there will be longer in between these surprises.

Thanks for looking at our predictions and hope you stay tuned for gameday predictions when we start with those.

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Germany – Mexico and Brazil

Germany – Mexico and Brazil

Yesterday was an ok day. Three out of four matches correct.

France beat a great figthing team from Australia 2 – 1. Australia can give Denmark and Peru a good fight for the second place in this group. Denmark and Peru ended up as a close game with Denmark drawing the longest straw and won by 1 – 0.

Argentina draw against the smallest team ever to enter the world championships Iceland. Iceland are the fighting vikings. 1 – 1 against Argentina was a very strong result. Croatia did their job and won comfortly against Nigeria 2 – 0.

Todays match predictions:


Costa Rica – Serbia  We think there is a good chance for a draw in this game. Both Costa Rica and Serbia are medium good teams but Serbia has the strongest and most compact players. We think a draw or win to Serbia is most likely. Stay away from this match.

Germany – Mexico  The germans are big favorites to win this game. Great players in all positions and a great team spirit. Great coach and great team. One of the favorites to win this world champonships. Mexico is also a great team however; not as good as the German team. Win for Germany.

Brazil – Switserland  Two good team here. Brazil is the best of these two teams but can get a good fight from the Swiz. Neumar is the star of the Brazilian team. Brazil is also one of the favorites to win this years world championships.


Two big favorites and one possible draw today. Germany and Brazil is big favorites by the bookies but you can win some money anyway.


Do not play with money you can not afford to loose and do not borrow money for gambling purposes.

Until next time have a nice football weekend. See you again next time.

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World Championships 2018 day 3

World Championships 2018 day 3

Not a very good day for us in our predictions in the world championships yesterday, only Uruguay won as predicted. Iran won on an accidental own goal by Morocco. The big game yesterday ended in a draw. And what a game it was. Ronaldo with 3 goals (hatrick) and Diego Costa with 2 goals. But that was yesterday, now over to todays fixtures.

World championships day 3:

world championships
world championships

Match 1 this saturday is: France – Australia  This should be an easy win for France.

Match 2: Argentina – Iceland  Argentina should win confortly this game.

Match 3: Peru – Denmark  this can be a though one to predict. We all belive that Denmark will win however; we also belive this could end in a draw. No bet on this fixture.

Match 4: Croatia – Nigeria  Open game but Croatia will win this fixture. Watch out for a draw. possibllity.

The predictions:

We suggest that there will be an easy win for both France and Argentina today. The two other games are more open with a small favorite, Denmark and Croatia. I suggest a bet on France and Argentina to win their matches and to stay away from the other two.


Do not bet with money you can not afford to lose and do not borrow money for betting purposes.

Conclution this far in the world championships:

Two out of four games predicted right. Two great games and two not that good games. Cristiano Ronaldo is on course to be the top scorer this world championships. i really hope to see one of these teams in the final in this years world championships.

Good luck and hope you get to watch the games on tv during this one month of world class football. Have a great weekend. See you again tomorrow with new predictions.

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World Championships 2018 – Day 2

World Championships day 2

Ok day two of the world championships we are back again. We predicted correct yesterday and Russia won by 5 – 0 over Saudi-Arabia. Today is a new day with three matches to predict. There are some great football to be whatched on tv these days.

Todays matches in the world championships:

Egypt – Uruguay    Marocco – Iran     Portugal – Spain

One great game in Portugal and Spain and two waiting games. Egypt hope for Salah to be back in business again. Marocco has some great players and can benefit from those. Portugal and Spain would have been a great final in these world championships.

Predictions day to in the world championships:

world championships day 2
world championships day 2

Egypt – Uruguay  we are sure that Uruguay will win this game. There is a small chance for a draw.

Marocco – Iran   We think that Marocco will win this game for many reasons. Better and stronger players. They have also played some great games in the African Championships.

Portugal – Spain   Where to start? Portugal has a some great players in Ronaldo, Silva and pepe. Spain has a full team of great players. I would have liked to whatches these teams in the final in July. In this match we think that Spain will win. It is a good chance for a draw also.

Todays Betting predictions in the world championships:

Single bet: Marocco to beat Iran

Double bet: Marocco to beat Iran and Uruguay to beat Egypt.

Trpple bet: Marooco to win, Uruguay to win and Spain to win.

As allways when it comes to betting: Do not play with money you can not afford to lose and do not borrow money for gambling purposes.

Good luck and see you again tomorrow. We will be back and predict these games later today or tomorrow morning.

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