Who will win the World Championships in 2018?

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This is an unformal poll where you can enter your favorit to win this years world championships in Russia. We have entered the 4 big favorites and other teams. You can only choose one entry. This is just for fun and to see what you think. No tracking or anything. You are anonym.

In the future we will have many polls to see what people like and how to get it out to you. We have many friends out there looking at our predictions and betting our systems every day. We will try our best to give you very updated predictions.

World Championships
World Championships

The World Championships is the biggest event in any sports on earth. 32 countries are trying to win this prestigious thrope. Some of the best teams from all over the world are competing for ths thrope. We will have daily predictions and will have updated news each day.

Every four year the best teams in the world gather to play for the world championships. Players from all over the world will play they shirts off for potential new club signings and better pay. Underdogs will win over the top teams and change their status.

Gambler will win and fail. The results are not in before the final whistle from the referee. Which team will win this year? Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina or maybe France or Russia? My bets go on Germany and Brazil. What do you think, take the poll on top of this post.

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