Betting predictions July 13-14

This weekends betting predictions.

betting predictions July 13 to 14
betting predictions July 13 to 14

We have a selection of Nordic games and some American soccer games as well. Not very much to chose from but this selction should be great. These are this weeks betting predictions.

In Denmark we have :

Horsens – Nord-Sjælland Away win @ about 2,5 in odds.

Swedish games:

Aik – Elfsborg Home win @ about 1,65 in odds.

Falkenberg – Gotenborg Away win @ about 1,8 in odds.

Hacken – Ørebro Home win @ about 1,32 in odds.

Norwegian games:

Rosenborg – Viking Home win @ about 1,55 in odds.

Haugesund – Tromsø Home win @ about 1,85 in odds.

MLS games:

Portland – Colorado Home win @ about 1,4 in odds.

Seatle – Atalanta Home win @ about 2,05 in odds.

These are the best games to bet on this weekend. I suggest that you play some sort of system to maximize your bets. If you play all gamesas a single line you could expect to win about 80,66 in odds multiplied with your bet.

As always: Never play with money you can not afford to loose. Do NOT borrow money for betting purposes.

Take care and hope to see you again soon. More next weekend if we find some great matches.

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Update and results.

Results July 13-14
Results July 13-14

6 out of 8 correct. I bet on trebles and won about 2720.- How did you do?

The 2 draw results was wrong.

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