January 28-29 predictions

January 28-29 predictions.
January 28-29 predictions.

This midweek will be catching up for West Ham and Liverpool. A great match in London and with the guests as big favorites. January 28-29 predictions.

I will give my 5 cents on these matches this midweek:

West Ham – Liverpool. Away win for Liverpool @1,33

Leeds – Millwall. Home win for Leeds @1,53

Doncaster – Southend. Home win for Doncaster @1, 45

Single bet:

West Ham – Liverpool. Away win @1,33

Double bet:

West Ham – Liverpool. Away win @1,33

Leeds – Millwall. Home win @1,53

Accumulated odds = 2,03

Treble bet:

West Ham- Liverpool. Away win @1,33

Leeds – Millwall. Home win @1,53

Doncaster – Southend. Home win @1,45

Accumulated odds = 2,95

Not so high yield this midweek but good stable teams and fairly safe matches.


Do NOT bet with money you can not afford to lose. Do NOT borrow money for betting purposes.

See you again this coming weekend, Superbowl weekend.

What team will win this year’s Superbowl? I have high hopes for San Francisco 49’ers. What are your thoughts?

I will be back with more on Friday or Saturday. Stay tuned.

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There are many more games this midweek however, I have just gone for the best bets this midweek. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Midweek predictions January 21-22

Midweek predictions January 21-22

Here are my midweek predictions for January 21-22. There are some high paying bets here so please be careful before placing big bets. There is a double and treble suggestion at the end.

Here are my midweek predictions on January 21-22:

Chelsea – Arsenal. Home win to Chelsea @1.72

midweek predictions January 21-22
midweek predictions January 21-22

Crystal Palace – Southampton. Away win for Southampton @2.70

Everton – Newcastle. Home win for Everton @1.55

Sheffield United – Manchester City. Draw @5.00

Leicester – West Ham. Draw @4.33

Manchester United – Burnley. Home win @1,36

Tottenham – Norwich. Home win @1.40

Wolverhampton – Liverpool. Away win to Liverpool @1.61

Lover leagues:

Charlton – Fulham. Away win for Fulham @1.83

Macclesfield – Crewe. Away win for Crewe @1.66

That was most of the games on January 21-22. Find your choices and bet carefully. If some of the draws go in there will be big payouts.

Caution: Do NOT bet with money you can not afford to lose. Do NOT borrow money for betting purposes. Bet responsibly and take breaks from time to time.

I will recommend a double and a treble at this time.


Everton – Newcastle. Home win @1.55

Wolverhampton – Liverpool. Away win @1.61

Accumulated odds: 2.50


Chelsea – Arsenal. Home win @1.72

Everton – Newcastle. Home win @1.55

Wolverhampton – Liverpool. Away win @1.61

Accumulated odds:4.29





Betting suggestions january 18-19

Betting suggestion January 18-19

Here we are again, new betting suggestions for January 18-19.

We have found some great matches to bet on and a quiz.


The best treble suggestion:

Barcelona – Granada. This game should have many goals. Suggested bet is Full Time Over 2,5 goals. @1.36 96,3%

Ajax – Sparta. Full-time home win @1.06 – 95,4%

Atalanta – SPAL. Full-time home win @1,20. 89,4%

This treble should be very safe to bet on.  @odds 1.73 it is not a big payout but should be fairly safe.


Here are some other great betting options:

  1. RB Leipzig – Union Berlin. Full-time home win @1,25. 77,5%

2. Man C –  Crystal Palace. Full-time home win @1,10. 75,5%

3. Lazio – Sampdoria. Full-time home win @1,40. 88,5%

4. Lecche – Internationale. Full-time away win @1,30. 87,5%

5. VVV Venlo – PSV Eindhoven. Full-time away win @1,36. 75,7%

6. Barcelona – Granada. Full-time home win @1,16. 96,3%


If we use a system for these six matches it could be something like this:

1 – 2  1 – 3  2 – 3  4 – 5  4 – 6  5 – 6


As always: Do NOT bet with money you can not afford to lose! Do NOT borrow money for gamblig purposes. Take a free period if you are out of luck.

And now for the quiz:

Answer in the comment section.

We will be back next weekend. Take care and stay tuned.

betting suggestions
betting suggestions



Betting Predictions 11 Jan 2020

Betting Predictions 11 Jan 2020.

Hey, I am back again with the betting predictions 11 Jan 2020. There are some great matches this weekend and I have tried to find some strongholds.

betting predictions
betting predictions

Leicester – Southampton This will be a great win for  Leicester. Home win @1.60

Manchester United – Norwich This will be a good opportunity for the Manchester team to win. Home win @ 1.33

Tottenham – Liverpool Tottenham is not the same team as last year so this will go to the guests from Liverpool. Away win @1.66

Wolves – Newcastle Should be a great game for Wolves. Home win @1.44

Chelsea – Burnley Will be an easy win for Chelsea. Home win @1.28

Manchester City and Arsenal is also out for games this weekend. My program tells me that the best bet on Manchester City is over 2.5 goals.

Arsenal is away this week and I do not want to bet on the outcome of this game, but Arsenal is the favorite.

Next week I will also have some predictions on over/under goals as well.

As always: Do not bet with money you can not afford to lose. Do not borrow money for gambling purposes.

I will be back next week with more leagues and more predictions.

See you then.