Euro 2016

Euro 2016

Euro 2016

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 is starting today june 10. Today is the opener between France and Romania. France should be the winner of this game, but Romania has a very good goalkeeper and the match can easily end with a 0 – 0 draw.

I think that the groups are open and there will be some surprises in this competition. Where the surprises will be i am not sure yet but they allways comes in this kind of competitions.

In group A, France is the best prediction as a group winner. I think maybe Romania will be second and then Swiss.

In Group B, England and Russia will compete about winning the group. My bet go on England. Russia number 2.

Group C, Very good group with 4 potential winners. Germany, Ukraine, Polen and Northers Ireland. My prediction go to Germany, with Ukraine in second place and Northern Ireland third.

Group D, Another thight group. Spain, Tjekkia, Turkey and Croatia. My bets go to Spain in front of Croatia and Turkey.

Group E, Thight group as well. Belgium, Italy, Ireland and Sweden. My bets go to Italy, Belgium and sweden.

Group F, Here my prediction is that Portugal wins the group in front of Hungary and Osterreich.

We can all agree that this will be a great competition and a great summer. We all love football and can enjoy the good times in front of the television if we are not in the stadiums. I will be around with my predictions from time to time during the tounament. If you choose to follow my predictions please be responsible and do not bet with borrowed money or money you can not afford to loose.

I am going to bet on France today but with the very good goalkeeper of Romania it would be great to win this bet. But Romania could easily go for a 0 – 0 draw and ruin my bet. But i hope for the home team this time.

My bet for the championship is for now: Germany – Italy – France – England

What team will win? i really don’t know at the moment. If you know, please give us your comment about which team you think will win this tournament. All comments will be safe with us. I might even change my mind about my own predictions. Go for it and win your bets more often with betting predictions.

Take care and have a nice summer with Euro 2016.


Erlend Sølvberg

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Betting predictions Euro 2016

Betting predictions Euro 2016


Euro 2016 predictions

Euro 2016 predictions


Euro 2016


Home Team Away Team Prediction Result Best Odds Rating
France Romania Home win  2 – 1  1.88  ok
Albania Swiss Away win  0 – 1  1.75  ok
Wales Slovakia Home win  2 – 1  2.25  ok
England Russia Draw  1 – 1  3.25  ok
Polen Northern Ireland Home win  1 – 0  2.10  ok
Germany Ukraine Home win  2 – 0  1.95  ok
Turkey Croatia Away win  0 – 1  2.10  ok
Spain Tjekkia Home win  1 – 0  1.75  ok
Ireland Sweden Away win  1 – 1  2.35  ups
Belgium Italy Draw  0 – 2  3.20  ups
Ostria Hungary Draw  3.25
Portugal Iceland Home win  1.90


It is allways hard to predict big competitions like Euro 2016. Many teams have had a hard season behind them and some countrys have just started their seasons. Some teams may have an advantage ahead of others. But all teams will try their best to win the big throphy and the title Euro champions 2016. I will be sitting by the television watching the whole Euro 2016 and try to find good elements for the season ahaed in Europe. Many players will change teams during the summer and during the championships. I hope for a great summer and a great Euro 2016. Good luck with your bets folks.

This is my prediction of the opening matches of all groups in
this competition.

New prediction will come as soon as i have them ready.

My prediction for winner of Euro 2016 is: Germany – France –

I hope you bet responsibly and do not use borrowed money or
money you can not afford to loose.

Have a great Euro 2016 summer.


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