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The start of a new football season.

The start of a new Football season

The start of a new Football season

The start of a new football season by Erlend Sølvberg.

The start of a new football season is here and there will be many good games played in the different leagues.
I will come up with some great bets for football bettors. This will be published here in good time before the matches starts. I will be concentrating on faily safe objects from the best leagues in Europe.


In England i would like to put up objects like:
• Manchester United
• Manchester City
• Chelsea
• Arsenal
• (West Ham – Liverpool)


In Germany i would like to put up objects like:
• Bayern Munich
• Dortmunt


In Spain i would love to put up these teams:
• Real Madrid
• Barcelona


I would also find some other league teams that might be a huge gain for everyone following this blog. I am going for something very secure. The bets will be put into different categories.
• Safe games (90%)
• Reasonable games (75%)
• Multigame posts.


From time to time i would also recommend my betting funds. I will set up 2 – 4 betting funds on different terms. Some regarding the Matngale system and some on other given systems. I will show all funds with a start base and the moving part of the fundations in these systems.


People will be able to purchase parts of these funds as time goes on.
Xpbet is a private website owned by a professional bettor, Erlend Sølvberg. I have been betting on football games the past 34 years and made quite a good income from it and now you can follow my advices as well.


Follow my advice and you to can learn how to be a winner in football betting. My advices will show you how to calculate risks and make a fearly safe bet every time. But as i always tell people, “do not bet with borrowed money or money you can’t afford to loose“. This means that NO BETS ARE SAFE.


You stand a chance to loose your bets all the time but you can lower this scale in your favour. This is how i make my winnings. I bet on a good mix of safe and secure bets. I never go for big upsets or big underdogs. I bet on the safe things. This way i will win in the long run even if i will loose a few bets going there. No one wins 100% of the time.


You can follow my lead and play the games i play they will never be saturated or locked do to much plays. A bookie will take on all bets. And i don’t think all of us will use the same bettor either. I will set up a review of some of the bettors out there and give you updated odds for the suggested games. Most of them also have good signup bonuses.


Learn to bet on football from a real betting professional. Follow the advice on site or follow your own insticts. I hope we all will prosper from this experience. I love football and can whatch it all the time and i usually do.


If you are happy with the site and the advice, i would appreciate if you left me some feedback or told your friends about this site.


For our winnings, have a nice football season.


Erlend Sølvberg