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Premier League Gameday 8

Premier League gameday 8

Premier League predictions

premier league

premier league

Chelsea – Leicester  home win.

Arsenal – Swansea  home win

West Bromwich – Tottenham  away win

Manchester City – Everton  home win

Eintracht Frankfurt – Bayern München away win

Juventus – Udinese  home win

These are my best picks this weekend. This prediction will give you about 6 – 7,5 back on invested money if they go in. I think it is a fair deal this week. You can give it a try.

PS!! If you want a little bit higher odds you can add Barcelona and Athletico Madrid and real Madrid also. But way to low odds for me to bet on.

As always: Do NOT bet with money you can not afford to loose, and never borrow money for gambling.


Premier League Gameday Two

Premier League

Gameday two predictions

  • Manchester United– Southampton Home win at odds 1.42
  • Stoke City- Manchester City Away win at odds 1.65
  • Burnley– Liverpool Away win at odds 1.50
  • Tottenham- Crystal Palace Home win at odds  1.42
  • Watford– Chelsea Away win at odds 1.65
Premier League

Premier League Gameday Two

I would suggest to play on triples or play it straight. Straight play is giving us 8.23 in betting odds. I will put £500 on this play.

Be careful and do not play with money you can’t afford to loose and do not borrow money for betting issues.

It is still early in this new season but the teams look sharp and on target freagueom the beginning.

Take care and have a nice weekend.



Premier League Gameday One.

Premier League Gameday One.

Here is my best bets for Premier League Gameday One:

This weekend i think i have three great matchups to bet on. As always there is big risk in betting the seasons opening games but i will give it a try anyway.

I will play winner on two games and a tripple on three games.

Here are my predictions:


  • Hull City Leicester City  Here i will bet my £ on Leicester that played a very good game against Manchester United in Community Shield last weekend. At the end they lost 1 to 2. Leicester City stand at 1.90 at the bookmakers at this moment. This will be one of my single bets.
  • Manchester City Sunderland. Manchester City is one of the top 4 contenders this season and should easily win games like this. They stand at 1.18 at the bookmakers at this time.
  • Bournemouth Manchester United. Manchester United has allready won their first Throphy this season and wants more. They played a fairly good game against Leicester last weekend in the Community Shield and won 2 to 1. Manchester united should win this match. Manchester United stands at 1.90 at the bookmakers at this time. Another one of my singles.

 My singles will be:

Hull City – Leicester City Away win at 1.90  bet £500

Bournemouth – Manchester United  Away win at 1.90 Bet £500

My tripple will be:

Premier League

Premier League Gameday One

Hull City – Leicester City Away win  at 1.90

Manchester City – Sunderland  Home win at 1.18

Bournemouth – Manchester United  Away win at 1.90

My bet here will be £500 at 4.26

I hope this will be a great weekend with many great wins and many great games. For those looking for big surprises i have one of those also.


  • Chelsea West Ham United This is a chance bid so do not gamble to hard on this one. I predict West Ham United as winner of this challenge.

My chance bid this weekend:

Chelsea – West Ham United  Away win at 5.25 at the bookmakers at this time. My bet will be £100

Please remember: Do NOT play with money you can not afford to loose. Do NOT borrow money to gamble.

Take care and have a nice weekend.





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Community Shield 2016

Community Shield 2016

Community Shield 2016

Community Shield 2016

Community shield is the grand opening of the English League season. This year it will be played between Leicester (League winners) and Manchester United (Cup Winners) 2015-16.

These matches are a great opening of the coming season and both teams want to win a trophy as soon as possible.

Manchester United have signed many great new players this season and i think they will win this trophy.

Betting odds are at the moment 1.85 = 85% interest for invested money.

I would take a bet like that any day.

This is because Manchester United is a far better team than Leicester. Leicester won last year but i do not think they can defend their title this season.

My bet this sunday august 7. 2016. Manchester United £1000

Good luck.


Result: Great win by Manchester United by 2 – 1

Todays win £1850 by investing £1000